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A Family-Owned and -Operated Tattoo Shop

At NFC Tattoo, we’re dedicated to creating artwork that you can be proud of. Our artists have years of experience creating and designing tattoos that capture each client’s unique idea. Our tattoo shop is a family business, and we treat you like family too. To us, your satisfaction is the greatest compliment possible.


Originally from Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, José Ortega grew up as an artist from early childhood. Along with the mastery of mediums such as oil painting, graphic design, and photography, José also developed a taste for tattooing in his early adulthood. Hard work earned him the title of one of the best tattoo artists in Puerto Rico. He traveled the world learning and teaching and eventually established himself in San Antonio, Texas as a private studio. With dreams of creating a safe, inclusive, and inviting environment, he established NFC Tattoo Studio. As an all-Latino, family-owned, and operated business, we are prideful in the sazón we bring to the community. NFC Tattoo Studio has been officially open to the public since June 2021, slowly building up following the effects of the global pandemic.

Our Styles

NFC Tattoo operates by the highest standards of cleanliness, sanitation, safety, and education. We are a welcoming environment for all customers, whether you’re getting your first tattoo or your twentieth. Each artist here practices a wide range of styles, and they’re happy to collaborate with you to create your very own piece.

a tattoo parlor with wooden floors, white walls, black chairs, and fluorescent lights
a tattoo parlour with dark wood floors, a black chair, designs and inks adorn the walls


Deposits and minimum costs vary by artist. All cancellations need to be made a week in advance.

We do not copy tattoos from other artists, but we can work with you to create a piece inspired by an existing tattoo.

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