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Realism Tattoos

A realism tattoo involves inking a true-to-life design onto your skin. Realism tattoo artists have the talent to complete highly complex, detailed artworks that look like they might leap off the skin. In this style, artists emphasize shadows, contours, contrasts, and highlights. Many realism tattoos are of people, animals, flowers, and more.

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Illustrative Tattoos

Illustrative tattoos incorporate a drawn style, which can mean anything from a whimsical, cartoony look to black-and-white drawings. This broad tattoo style covers just about any art style out there. In addition, illustrative tattoos can come in a wide range of colors, detail, and subjects.

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Watercolor Tattoos

These tattoos are inspired by the bright, flowing colors of traditional watercolor paintings. Tattoos in this painterly style are full of color, shading, fine black lines, and blending. People often choose watercolor tattoos for flowers, abstract designs, or other subjects.

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Embroidery Tattoos

Embroidery tattoos mimic the look of real embroidery patches, emphasizing a 3D look that almost "pops" off the skin. An embroidery tattoo is also defined by rich texturing, detail, and color. The embroidery look can be an excellent choice for your next tattoo.

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Stippling Tattoos

Stippling, or dotwork, involves using multiple fine black dots to craft a picture. The technique is similar to pointillism and is a great choice for solid black tattoos. A talented tattooist can use stippling to create highly intricate images or geometric patterns.

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Blackwork Tattoos

Blackwork tattoos are designs that only use black ink: no grey shading or colors here. A blackwork piece often includes solid black areas with intentional negative space. Geometric designs, tribal designs, and symbols are popular styles.

Neo-Traditional/Traditional Tattoos

These tattoos are probably the ones you first picture when you think of tattoos. They are defined by black outlines and blocks of color. Traditional tattoos can trace their history back to the 19th century and typically involve symbols like roses and anchors. Neo-traditional tattoos differentiate themselves from traditional tattoos by using a broader range of motifs and colors.

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a tattoo of Mario
A black and white tattoo of a woman with a nose ring surrounded by snakes
A colorful realistic tattoo of the Buddha backed by fire spirits
A hyper-realistic black and white tattoo of a warrior or shaman woman wearing a tiger pelt
A cartoon tattoo of a girl with pink hair, bats in background
A cute tattoo of a cartoon pig
A stylized tattoo of an antique chair
An embroidery style tattoo of Hello Kitty
A cartoon style tattoo of a goth girl with pink hair and a black dress
A pointillism style tattoo of flowers

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