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Every tattoo artist at NFC Tattoo adds their own unique style to our shop. If you’re looking for a specific tattoo artist, find more information about them below.

Each tattoo artist has a different deposit and minimum cost. Certain tattoo artists only take appointments, while others see walk-in clients. Please check below to see how your preferred artist likes to conduct business.

A profile picture of Jose, a tattoo artist


By appointment only

Owner and artist, José Ortega established himself as a private artist in San Antonio in 2017. Other than tattoos, José also practices other forms of art styles such as digital art, photography, and oil-based painting. José has well over 25 years of experience tattooing and currently specializes mainly in black-and-gray and color realism, but he also does work with new school tattoo styles.

Preferred styles:

  • Realism
  • New School
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A colorful, stylized tattoo featuring a woman's face, stars, and bands of color
A black and white tattoo of a skull wearing a native American headdress
Realistic tattoo of a woman with glasses and a green hat
A profile picture of Yoma, a tattoo artist


By appointment only

A bright, quirky girl from Puerto Rico, Yoma is the friend we all need. She has a master's degree in graphic design and has always shared a love for all things Disney, kawaii, and pop culture. Upon finding her passion for tattoos, she practiced under the wing of one of the top tattoo artists in Puerto Rico, eventually leaving her job to become a full-time tattoo artist. Almost a decade of experience later, she’s widely known and recognized for her beautiful designs in watercolor, embroidery, and neotraditional tattoo styles.

Preferred styles:

  • Watercolor
  • Embroidery
  • Glitter
  • Neo-Traditional/Bold Outline
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Colorful tattoo of the Cheshire cat
Colorful tattoo of a wand from the Harry Potter movies
Watercolor style tattoo of Winnie The Pooh
A profile picture of Polo, a tattoo artist


Born and raised in Guadalajara Mexico, Polo found love for tattooing when experimenting with it as a creative outlet. With encouragement and support from his partner, he pursued a career in tattooing developing skills in styles ranging from black-and-gray to stippling, and even traditional. Four years later Polo has developed a unique tattoo style that focuses on custom designs inspired by anime and neokawaii aesthetics combined with other established styles like neotraditional, illustrative, and anime.

Preferred styles:

  • Illustrative
  • Stippling
  • Neo-Traditional/Traditional.
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Cute anime style tattoo of a goth girl with a cat
Black and white line art tattoo of anime characters
Black and white tattoo of mushrooms
Realistic black and white tattoo of a tiger's face
Colorful tattoo of the Disney character Stitch
Colorful tattoo of the video game character Mario
Realistic tattoo of a shaman or warrior woman wearing a tiger pelt
Colorful tattoo of Nezuko from the popular anime show Demon Slayer
Tattoo of a skull with a snake wrapping up and around, exiting the mouth
Anime style tattoo of a girl with hair covering her eyes
Black and white realistic tattoo of a viking with runes
Black and white tattoo of a sailing ship at sea
Black and white tattoo of a skull and hand

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